• Anna Maxdotter

Can i lie To my horse in a storm? Weather wise or with in myself a bad day?

Yes you can, if you have your emostions, your body awerness and mentally under your very own controll and you are here and now, when you can disconnnect The world of Everyday problems and trouble in The past and worries of tomorrow

And your have your own language with your horse - when he knows you and The consistentsy in your actions evey day, he will trust you no matter what happends - Young or old horse

Then you will know what happends before what happends happen, you will be prepared and never surprised and your horse calm cool and collected with you

So you in a storm only need To whisper and he will hear you anyway

I know this beacuse i have lived It, seen it and helped others get there and It always bring joy to me seeing The Smilles, The words

- It Was so easy i never thought It would be.

-Isent it harder then this?

I have also wittness The dispear, The tears and The words

- this is never going to work i have done eveything I have To put this horse down or sell It.

But i know The Smilles are never far niether The joy so dont give up !!

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