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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I turned 45 2020 and have always had horses in my life somehow.

The friesian breed came in to my life as a young girl &was the dream horse since I was a child & I meet in 2004 Mariska Gv Weiner and we where partners for 10 years and built the Friesian Dream Team until her death


December 2014. She is missed beond words!!

The Tornando Bentley, who is present by my side today came into my life in 2008 and we continue the journey ....

Little More about me


A little more about me & my background 

I have been privileged to be able to try out different types of jobs, including within the hotel & restaurant industry, as a teacher & personal assistant in the school system, also trained qualified dental nurse, healthcare assistant, salesman / negotiator and consultant in the office world & personal assistant at home and so on & have also tested to model. I think it's fun to paint & develop ideas in arts as well as write some poems. I have gotten from different authorities, they think I should write a book & Have been encouraged to write one & even give out my poems.

You never know what the future gives, maybe I will...

Horse & dog has been a big part of my life since young years, I grew up with dogs & can not imagine a life without dogs today & interest has only grown over the years & has become bigger & bigger thanks to having the privilege to see the best within the dog working world & the man I'm currently living with & I look forward to doing more for dog in Sweden, helping others understand our 4 leged as well as continue learn more myself & even at the disabled level in dog sports to make an impact.

 Since the facade outwards when you see me can be perceived as a happy but a little careful positive woman with a lot of motor, the story behind me is quite different 

When did I get in to horses

The first experiences of horses I got early & in early teens I start riding at the riding school, I became more and more to help the younger students at the riding classes & even got in as a riding instructor at times. I also rode friends' horses & helped for various reasons they how needed help with their horses. with so-called "problem horses" of different kinds, despite my young age.

I also have later in my life, without personal gain, trained people & theren horses in communication to understand & give them the same "language" to speak


"Give up is never a resort"



The back injury i have causes numbness in my left leg and also in the right, a simple thing like being out during a day,

and shopping can give me pain that strikes me out for days afterwards.

This with various other factors in the body. In order to explain it in a more understandable way, say my back injury,

you can compare it with a constant lumbago and when I ride a knife reflexes in the back, which results in "my leg is" totaly out of order "but it goes away after a while when Im of the horse ....


I have since childhood an allergy to food and medicine, which I learned from doctors that it weakens my immune system in my body because I can not get in everything my body needs so I can get sick easily. An allergy like if I eat wrong food or take wrong medicine leads to anaphylactic shocks .

I've also had asthma a so-called rush / exercise sastma that gives me respiratory distress,.

I have also as a child brokenmy arm a few times in the same place so the armrest has been moved to make it possible to heal together, even a few fingers have been broken and I have also been in a few car accidents that have given neck problems

I have also fallen down a stairway and got stuck with one foot & it got totaly cruched, a rehab that took a long time to get back from & learn to walk agian and I will never be restored from it



an change an accident my life. It was changed due to under staffed during the time I tried to work in healthcare helping disabelds & I had to work alone as a personal assistant, when a lift was required that had an unfortunate exit, it broke/twisted my back so badly. My employer then said that they could not afford lifting courses but after the accident they "took" the advice & the others in the group I worked in got one, but I could not return ..

The following years I have been struggling with pain in & out at many different hospitals & still do & as many doctors with diagnoses. Even doctors' recommendations never to return to riding. The symptoms I had & which I live with daily than today are the pain around the clock.


added additional injuryes to the list when I fell down for a stairway and fasting between two steps, my foot was twisted in several parts and the doctors were forced to "patched" with screws & metal plates, a rehabilitation that took a long time & I had to learn to walk again after a while in a wheelchair, I have & will never get back all my movement patterns & it has given rise to problems such as knee joint & my hip like lost strength & which also hangs togheter with my back, I have also had to accept that I will never be able to run or walk normally ever agian.


my body collapse & "I walked into the wall" so to speak as you usually say both physically and mentally, it caused me bigger problems with my breathing when it accompanied my asthma where the stress-related & stress threshold was very low. One aspect in this is that I had before & still have trouble managing many people around me today.
I have also suffered from abuse in early relashionships, which puts its marks, & on of my knees was kicked the wrong way and even my jaw got a kick ..


when I found Mariska to "save" me when she lowered my blood pressure that was & is stress related, so I escaped medicines that would be needed to help my heart, I have to keep visiting physicians on a regular basis, but the animals give me so much unbelievable help & they are literally my "medecin" as it helps the body to exude pain relief.


I discovered that I also have Dyselixi in Mathematics & Word Processing, which was then diagnosed and diagnosed after many tests in a row but it has followed me throughout my life since childbirth. I wasent nuts.


Bentley.R came into my life, the amazing Friesian who stole my heart when I saw him & he took his first step from the trailer from Holland in March 2008. We had an accident together in 2008 that hit my one knee out of joint & even hurt meniscus & crossband badly & dislocaked my shoulder that it can jump out of joint ( & a wiplach )& I must be operated but that made me go on a path to thinking more about mentally & emotionally when it comes to horses & it's a very interesting way to explore. He also is rehabilitated mentally and physically from his time in Holland because of outcomes of stress-related problems that he had
Bentley came to Sweden in faith he was a gelding but he still has one "ball" left according to 3 vetrinæres & a breeder, which came as a surprise. Bentley will always remain "stallion" mentally which requires Bentley to learn respect and also of us humans to show him the respect he deserves

I also have several small accidents with passenger in cars that have in in accidnet that have given wiplach & also separated 2 dogs & lost part of my lips that got hurt & slit open


So you understand, the mask outward, as you can see, is not the same as the real hardcore truth; in the hidden it's so much more than what you see & perceive at first sight and what you see on the outside.  

Hence my wish that I am constantly working on in the media & in other ways in society with all hidden disabilities to show, be accepted!

Think of it the next time you see someone a cross the street in a wheelchair or just someone you cross in the store. What you see is easier to understand.


I'm going out with this so open is because I want to inspire & show others that life is not over in any way if you are in an accident or get sick & do not be a victims of their disability or hidden disability or not accepting them big or small & do not shut down inside, without living & taking advantage of it & discovering all the other sieds of life & using our 4 legedfriends that give us so much, much more than you often think.

The animals are a uniqe "medecine" I can not live today, & I get my power from them!

But above all, LIVE your life achieve your dreams, Nothing is impossible, it's only YOU who put your limitations & nobody will tell you how to live it, you can only decide & what conditions it will take!

Now you have got an insight into my life, a small one & my invisible handicap & never giving up whatever happens !